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I take Elmarie and Mother to Chongwa, the Chinese shop where I buy many things I use in my art projects. Elmarie is looking for stuff for her arts driven pre-school concert. Elmarie is the principal there.
A departmental stores is a retail store of consumer goods having different specialized divisions. Normally 7 to 8 sections function in departmental store.
This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.
Yes this commodity is very important to many and can cause concern if lackinf
Brand is a name, term, symbol, design or a mixture of them which is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from these of competitors.
"On a market you can see the people run. The life itself sells here knowing all..."
Relocation or shifting of residence is a challenging process. You will have to get the issue of moving boxes right if you are to have a smooth shifting process.
The brand-name producers know that they can increase their business by building up interest in certain games.
Supermarkets are as British as football and cricket. I give my personal views of the giants that are supermarkets!
The house to house selling is done directly in the houses of different customers. The merchant usually hand carried their products if they are portable or the items are placed in carts. Oftentimes, these merchants just bring their modules where the pictures or images of their products...
EBay has provided opportunities for people to work from home and to earn money. This article provides useful information on how to increase sales on eBay.
A long, long time ago, my mother sent me this little poem. It was written by a German lady called Elli Michler, but I don't know more about her. The poem is so nice, I would like to share it with you and tried to translate it as best as I could.
We have all heard the saying “Give a man a fish and he has food for a day. Teach a man to fish he has food for life.”. That is all well and good, however, I would suggest we amend this saying, with “and if you REALLY want to help that fellow out, buy fish from him”. By buyin...
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