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Max was busy making plans for his trip to the old homestead. He was stricken with illness and sidelined to his bed. He's been in bed for two days and nights. He needs to find a way to get his strength back and get to Danielle.
The gifts that we are given at birth. The responsibility to pass them along to the people of the world. We need to show grace, kindness and love.
You can always be proud of good deeds, however little they might be.
The ultimate human good is happiness. In a world that is wallowing in so much despair, more and more people are seeking happiness from external entities, whereas the real and authentic source of happiness is the internal environment.
Captain Galiac Sananda clearly laments in this writ the lack of congeniality - not that he seriously minds it - shown by the oil barons and their boys on the ground when goodwill from the starship is reciprocated by inhospitable fireworks. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
We need to bridge the gap between expectations and reality. For that we have to think global, find universal solutions and eschew parochial quick-fixes based on selfish interests of few.
This is something we can all do that is absolutely free , and it can make all the difference to the one who smiles , and the one who receives a smile ..So why not try it !
An interesting story. Most of you all heard this kind of stories in your childhood.
It is always amazing to see that change in behavior as the season approaches.
A short poem, which is simply called "Christmas Pup"
Seattle is a place where that "Little Shop Around The Corner" is another book store. It is said that Seattle has more book per capita than any other Metropolitan city.
Only the human being is in a supreme position to elevate himself to higher planes of existence by superior thinking. Thus only a human being can aspire to gain the same wisdom. On the contrary, an animal cannot acquire wisdom (not knowledge) because food and self-preservation are its ...
I have been carrying around several spiritual gems over the years similar to the one I am writing about below. At first I did not want to share them with the world for various reasons, one of which, was that I did not want to project myself as any kind of expert or authority on these ...
The argumentation speech has the purpose to appeal to the intellect of the audience or listeners so that the speaker can be able to win them over the speaker’s side. It can be done using the force of logical interference and sound reasoning. The argumentation speech further aims to ...
Christmas is when our lord was born, and when I unite with my family, I always remember this.
When Chistmas approaches, I think about how it used to be in my family, when the children were young.
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