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A groom is helped by a Gnome but soomn he will discovers that his order is going to change
A poem that has been on my mind for a week. I don't have much to say on this one. Comments are open.
This is a lustful piece of poetry prose erotica. You might not be able to handle it for it is full of sexual inclinations. Explicit yes but no more than what is happening all the time all over the world. enjoy!
House of 1000 Corpses isn't just a horror movie, it's a horrific fairytale, a Satan's fairytale for the naive and weak. The biggest lesson in this movie is to never ask for something you can't walk away from. Some adventures are better left alone.
Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk
My first Horror Story- Loosely Based on True events which happened in our Hostel
A dark poem. About Own’s Expiration. Read it to feel your dark side
Ever since games like Grand-theft-auto and Call of duty came out people have been pondering if Violent video games are the cause of an up-rise in Aggressive/violent problems in real-life.
What effect does violence in films have upon us? Will our children suffer? Why is it censored in the first place? Where did it all begin? This article discusses the history of censorship, and the grey areas of what is accepted in cinema.
This short story was based off of a nightmare that I had after my spinal surgery last year. The meds I was on were making me go crazy and this nightmare pretty much scared me into not wanting to go to sleep. This piece is pretty much the "censored" version for there was a lot more sca...
Life has a funny way of teaching us about things. This is the real story of how I received a perspective upon death, life, and the power of semi trucks.
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