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The loan will focus on key areas which including free maternity services to improve access to health care for the mothers and children at all public health facilities. It will also augment health insurance subsidy program that aims to enroll more households into the national health ...
A political piece about Republics and Democracies. The Constitution and the 17th Amendment. Things we need to fix.
Essay on how governance diminishes the virtue of tolerance in people by giving them channels to suppress ideas they don't like
Uncontrolled brouhaha rocks Kenya's Uasin Gishu county following open tribalism perpetrated by corrupt and autocratic governor Jackson Mandago against local residents who do not belong to his tribe. The governor is also on the spot for stealing the county's resources and being an enem...
Greed divides society and dampens unity. We need global cooperation to move towards universal government to live in peace. The basics are falling into place.
Big projects allure big and delicate corruptions among the top and corporate level of government wings; Padma Bridge is nothing exceptional ...
Bangladesh Commerce Minister advises people to eat less, and Be the number one on the rating of tax!
How to survive when you live under the higest level of corruption
It is time to vote again. So, let's vote wisely :)
Captain James Galiac Sananda touches on Canadian politics, its queer governance and the electorate's frustration and disaffection, which is not so unlike that in America and in Europe. - James Cortez
The parallel government or movement in the cuddle of the government in the one side and the rest of the nation on the other- losing the battle means going to jail. No one dares losing in this fight- no matter what the cost is..
Democracy is the tools to use in my own choice and freedom, ignoring all others particularly if they are in opposition! This is the philosophical stand of the present government in Bangladesh.
The government of Bangladesh is losing faith on people and or people loses faith on the government. As a result government killing a people indiscriminately and controlling media.
This poem is about condition of any country we know - nameless... you guess, I fear to tell.
The issue is should government sacrifice for its people, or people should sacrifice for the government's stupidity, more rather bluntly call for its corruptions.
Who is responsible for governing India? A) The Central Government B) The Congress Party C) Supreme Court of India D) None of the above If this question were to be asked by Amitabh Bachchan in the next round of Kaun Banega Crorepati, remember to lock your answer on ā€œCā€ Supreme ...
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