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A political piece about Republics and Democracies. The Constitution and the 17th Amendment. Things we need to fix.
Remember when George Bush was taken to task by the American media over the high price of gas? Have you ever asked where the media is today? Should we not?
Uncontrolled brouhaha rocks Kenya's Uasin Gishu county following open tribalism perpetrated by corrupt and autocratic governor Jackson Mandago against local residents who do not belong to his tribe. The governor is also on the spot for stealing the county's resources and being an enem...
This is an essay on the Birtish political system, and the current position of the Judiciary in that system. This a an interesting area of debate aongst political critics, and is very relevant for politics students.
How can anyone run a country, any country and ignore what is happening in it?, poverty, struggles with life and housing or even feeding their children. The reason for this - we are always governed by somebody that has never been in any of these situations. Normally someone born with a...
All about the RTI (Right to Information) Act.A power given to citizen of India to question the governance of an organisation.Its significance and awareness needs to spread at every level of our society.
Who is responsible for governing India? A) The Central Government B) The Congress Party C) Supreme Court of India D) None of the above If this question were to be asked by Amitabh Bachchan in the next round of Kaun Banega Crorepati, remember to lock your answer on ā€œCā€ Supreme ...
Nigeria ranks among the highest exporters of crude oil in the world yet they rank among the poorest in the world. A few politicians pockets the wealth of the nation in their pockets.
The world at large does not know that two Kingdoms are at work on the Earth and that every living human being is subject to the influence of one or the other of these Kingdoms. There is a separation coming which will clearly define allegiances.
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