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A political piece about Republics and Democracies. The Constitution and the 17th Amendment. Things we need to fix.
the rich gets richer while the poor gets punished. This is my rant on government
Local authorities exercise important powers, spend large budgets and are democratically accountable to local residents. But they have lost much of their significance as central government has increased its reach, become London-centric, and more out of touch with many parts of the elec...
short article on how college students from around the world can come to this country and get a FREE education
Big projects allure big and delicate corruptions among the top and corporate level of government wings; Padma Bridge is nothing exceptional ...
The uncertainty over the outcome of the US economy cast a dark shadow over the future of the American populace. It is exacerbated by the government's adamant stance to address its chronic deficit spending.
When recession hits a Country, the pain of Government cutbacks can be felt far and wide. Hard decisions must be made, but are the government attacking the soft underbelly of one of our national and educational institutions just because it is an easy target? Are we beginning to see the...
This page is about the importance of government job which is safe and secure throughout the life
Nigeria ranks among the highest exporters of crude oil in the world yet they rank among the poorest in the world. A few politicians pockets the wealth of the nation in their pockets.
Remember all those fancy anti-theft $100.00 bills the Feds spent years developing? Seems they are trying to print them now and there's a problem.
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