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This is just my outlook on a world that seems to have gone mad. A world where money makes the man, and exceptions are not made based on equality or justice in too many situations.
A political piece about Republics and Democracies. The Constitution and the 17th Amendment. Things we need to fix.
The "long arm" of "big brother" government seems to be okay to the Right when it comes to regulating women's abortion rights.
Uncontrolled brouhaha rocks Kenya's Uasin Gishu county following open tribalism perpetrated by corrupt and autocratic governor Jackson Mandago against local residents who do not belong to his tribe. The governor is also on the spot for stealing the county's resources and being an enem...
This is an article based on the expectations of people in America and around the world of Barack Obama. Expectations that are very unrealistic for anyone to have of another human being, especially of an American president who requires approval from both House and Senate in order to ge...
An informed people can hold its government to account and is a threat to government malfeasance, but a population kept in the dark is no threat at all. That is why whistleblowers are persecuted.
As the trial gets underway, the government of the United states is making herculean efforts to suppress the public's right to know.
The trial of Bradley Manning is not only important in terms of how far the government can go to muzzle whistle blowing, it is also critical in terms of whether the civil liberties of our nation's citizens will be protected or further eroded.
In Detroit, Child Protective Services kidnapped a 13 year old to continue pumping anti-psychotic drugs into her, even though she showed no symptoms.
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