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short article on how college students from around the world can come to this country and get a FREE education
Teachers are often disappointed when they don't see the end product they were expecting to see. This disappointment is especially painful among Christian educators. This article explores the importance of transformation and the dangers of mere indoctrination.
Is the Hopi Prophecy about Warriors of the Rainbow gathering to save the planet being fullfilled by the Idle No More Movement?
How can anyone run a country, any country and ignore what is happening in it?, poverty, struggles with life and housing or even feeding their children. The reason for this - we are always governed by somebody that has never been in any of these situations. Normally someone born with a...
The Department of Education has no constitutional or biblical grounds for mandating what our children should learn or by what methods they should be educated. Government has trespassed into the family domain when it attempts to supersede our rights to educate, train and discipline o...
Why are Christians so vocal in their opposition to the rise of socialism in America but they are silent about socialism in our public school system? Replacing monopoly with competition would bring much improvement to government schools.
We often hear talk about the war in Iraq, the war on drugs, the coming war with Iran or the final war of Armageddon. The most important modern war is the cultural war that has brought division and decimation to the lives of many Americans.
Are government schools more concerned with educational achievement or are they more focused on engineering a generation to become servants of the state. Academic achievement or social engineering?
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