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Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
It tends to be quite self-defeating to keep concentrating on what we wish we had ~ rather than being thankful for what we already have
Most of us have committed some type of idiotic or blatantly wrongful act of some kind at one time or another. Initially most of us may not have realized just how terribly ridiculous the act was. It was as if we were held ~ to a certain extent ~ in bondage and darkness by evil for...
We often tell others of God's grace, but are we too hard on ourselves when it comes to receiving this same grace?
Grace cannot tolerate the activities of sin in our lives. Grace will push us to become sober, to live righteous, and it becomes a permanent disposition of our character.
I was saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. This is my story
It is definitely a process. However after a while, it becomes clear that being quick to forgive those who do us wrong, and quick to ask for forgiveness when we wrong others will help to usher us into freedom from guilt and anxiety
It is imperative that we ~ individually ~ become more concerned about what God thinks about us than what people may think about us. Moreover ~ It helps greatly to realize that ~ all things are possible to him who believes.
Again, a poem is what the reader makes of it, but in this piece there can no mistake as to how this man feels.
This poem came to me as I was sitting out on a beautiful sunlit day and the cool breeze of the wind just caressed me. My mind instantly began to thank my God for all my blessings from heaven.
It may sound simplistic and too general, yet the truth of the matter is that In our Creator's Wonderful Book of Teaching on Life and Love is found everything we need to always have hope and a strong consolation.
With so many people claiming to be Christians in today's society, it's become a "word" more than a lifestyle, or a life of being a "Follower of Christ." IN times past, the word "Christian" actually meant something. Unfortunately, it appears those days are gone for the vast majority of...
The enemy of our soul is always ready to steal, kill, and destroy ~ but ~ our Creator sent His Son to die so that we might have abundant life.
Traveling the Roman Road The Roman Road is the road every sinner must travel to reach Salvation. The Roman Road is not a physical road but a spiritual road. The Roman Road is actually a series of scriptures taken from the Book of Romans that are used to lead sinners to salvation. Most...
As stated in the moderator notes, this article is designed to help those who think God cannot forgive them, learn otherwise.
Silence around you and in our life is not a punishment but a step towards new platform. Trust in His Grace!
I can only write what I know to be true and from my own experience ...such is this poem which tells of the One whose hand held me through many dark valleys ... and He can you ...
I have recently returned home after visiting the beautiful County of Kent , which displays the glorious generosity and beauty of an all-loving God ...walk with me through His kindness ..
A rudimentary poem making a clear distinction between faith and fear; and how faith overcomes fear.
As a Christian , the only way I can touch the lives of my loved ones and friends is to pray for them ... this poem speaks of just that ..
This story is like a modern day parable .It is a story of a weathered Oak - an Ivy - and a Carpenter .
American religious culture often makes room for a compromise between sin and Christianity. There is a sort of wimpy Christianity being promoted that essentially says that the grace of God is strong enough to save you but not strong enough to keep you.
Why write the Book of Numbers? Again, it is kind of curiosity why I took the cudgel. For the image that goes with the title, it is a bit incongruous that the watch was selected among the many. On the other hand, the message of time in a continuum was selected. Time, like this watch is...
The Vishnu sahasranamam is recited everyday by Hindus. It was composed by bheeshma on his deathbed as an advice to King Yudhishtira. It glorifies the supreme lord by detailing his thousand names.
We are saved by grace. Salvation can not be merited. A poem I wrote to explain how undeserving I am to be saved but by grace, I am saved through Christ Jesus.
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