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Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
With so many people claiming to be Christians in today's society, it's become a "word" more than a lifestyle, or a life of being a "Follower of Christ." IN times past, the word "Christian" actually meant something. Unfortunately, it appears those days are gone for the vast majority of...
A rudimentary poem making a clear distinction between faith and fear; and how faith overcomes fear.
As a Christian , the only way I can touch the lives of my loved ones and friends is to pray for them ... this poem speaks of just that ..
This story is like a modern day parable .It is a story of a weathered Oak - an Ivy - and a Carpenter .
Here we are again, trying to find the truth! Sometimes, you just have to go with the instincts that God has given you through the God code. We all have it, just most of us choose to ignore it. When we finally except God's Grace, then it becomes clear what we have been missing in our l...
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