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Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
It is definitely a process. However after a while, it becomes clear that being quick to forgive those who do us wrong, and quick to ask for forgiveness when we wrong others will help to usher us into freedom from guilt and anxiety
With so many people claiming to be Christians in today's society, it's become a "word" more than a lifestyle, or a life of being a "Follower of Christ." IN times past, the word "Christian" actually meant something. Unfortunately, it appears those days are gone for the vast majority of...
A rudimentary poem making a clear distinction between faith and fear; and how faith overcomes fear.
A deranged man entered into a small Amish school some years back and shot the female children. The response of the Amish community was portrayed in the TV movie, Amish Grace.
I was reminded only today that Jesus Christ came to save us, not in trumpets and fanfare and wars and skirmishes, but out of the love of a weak, crushed, and broken human being required by his father to obey to a hideous, punishing death.
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