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A significant truth that cannot be denied has been totally misunderstood. If grasped by everyone the world would stop to celebrate forever.
On His Passing Away ''We all have not come to live forever but to live a life worthy enough we have to live through and must endeavour''
Joseph is a slave in Egypt but God is with him and makes everything that he does to prosper.
This is the verse I wrote for my wife on Valentine Day.
From a young age everyone experiences set backs when on the road to seeking true love. I had my fare share. It can be difficult to cope with. The knock backs whilst trying to find love. I feel this poem was a release for me when I was at one of my saddest moments in my search for lov...
We often tell others of God's grace, but are we too hard on ourselves when it comes to receiving this same grace?
The gifts that we are given at birth. The responsibility to pass them along to the people of the world. We need to show grace, kindness and love.
It is definitely a process. However after a while, it becomes clear that being quick to forgive those who do us wrong, and quick to ask for forgiveness when we wrong others will help to usher us into freedom from guilt and anxiety
A word of encouragement to remind you to rejoice and be glad this day and every day.
Again, a poem is what the reader makes of it, but in this piece there can no mistake as to how this man feels.
This is about the Fall from Grace and the way to return back home. Only the strong will make it for it entails stripping yourself of every thing, family, fortune, possessions, thoughts, feelings....but oh so worthwhile indeed....
We had such gratitude toward God after our first child's decision to give his young heart to Him. Little did we know what other wonderful things awaited us in the near future for our next two children. They never cease to amaze us. God is good and will shower us with His love and grac...
Beauty is all around us.Romantic memories sparked by simplicity.What signifies love more clearly than a signal rose
There are turning points in our life when we are given the choice to move on or stay caught up in the mire of our thoughts, feelings and bodies...I know for I have and do experience these...but I keep choosing the upper path that leads to heavenly Grace...enjoy
This is about She who on the bidding of the Mighty One goes into the nether regions to bring back those who there do dwell...fallen from grace by their wrong doings..yet by the grace invested in Her She is able to break their bonds..enjoy
Wisdom of age brings many lessons that I share although some hate what I do as I have found out from my friends continue I will to write the way I do and always will...enjoy...
This poem is about a beautiful woman. This woman is beautiful inside and out. People always want to be around her.
This is a poem about how we can learn from nature and animals how to live a happier life by following the guiding energy which flows deep inside and is part of the universal flow.
Again I write a piece that some will scorn ..not agree with no way! And that is fine for we all come into our own understanding as we evolve. Some are far along the path and they will know of what I write. Others still have no clue what I am on about ...they will one day....blessin...
Written for someone I really love and care about deeply.
In part: one I wrote about The Bridge to Salvation, in this second part, I want to introduce you to The Four Spiritual Laws approach to witnessing. The Four Spiritual Laws is just another tool in your witnessing tool kit. The Four Spiritual Laws is a tract available from the Campus Cr...
With so many people claiming to be Christians in today's society, it's become a "word" more than a lifestyle, or a life of being a "Follower of Christ." IN times past, the word "Christian" actually meant something. Unfortunately, it appears those days are gone for the vast majority of...
God's will set in the ethers of matter, time, space, past and future of the world. White night formula solves all math and problems.
Traveling the Roman Road The Roman Road is the road every sinner must travel to reach Salvation. The Roman Road is not a physical road but a spiritual road. The Roman Road is actually a series of scriptures taken from the Book of Romans that are used to lead sinners to salvation. Most...
This poem highlights on the Grace of God, the Almighty - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
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