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Most of the students before crossing their finish line of graduation start thinking about enjoying the happiness of graduation.
After successful surgery, Eli is released from hospital and the couple return to there home in Little Valley. Mark too returns home and Mona gets her RN.
A recent event in a high school graduation ceremony spark controversy about "Freedom of Speech" with a video gone viral in the Philippines
It has been argued that the issue of university league tables is causing disorientation and confusion for students
Most universities ask students to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for admission to their graduate courses. The SOP must briefly discuss the objectives of pursuing the course, research area, interest, experience and future of the author. A well written essay can improve the candida...
As our kids mature and leave high school and start their lives either by continuing their education or by starting their working careers, we need to step back for a moment and celebrate who they are and the good they have done.
poem from a mother to her daughter on graduation day
Ashley is my youngest of 3 grand daughters in the USA. Last week I attended her graduation from High School to University. Read on to find out more
Tis the season for receiving diplomas. New graduates may not realize how much they have to learn about life. Here are some tips that I wish somebody had told me when I graduated.
This is about our picnic today for the Adult Basic Education Priogram of Wood County West Virginia and also about the graduation of my son at McKinley Elementary School in Parkersburg West Virginia.
What a dream I had last time A fairy dream A year is the time tears Drops of purple petals falling on pretty sad
"Every end comes a fresh start." I guess every body knows this famous line especially the graduates. Every time I see a graduation ceremony, I always look at the students faces and see different emotions reflected in their eyes. Some are happy, some are gloomy but all of them are pro...
There is only a difference of feelings and words which can show my feelings. I have sweet dreams in my eyes when I was coming downstairs from the floor.
Stumbling across this image on the internet, normally I’d just skip on past and get on with my evening. But instead, it just bugged me. Mainly because as a newly released graduate giving a half-hearted attempt at a ‘productive’ day I’d still only reached step two – ‘I can...
This page is about finishing the graduation and celebrating our convocation day
This story is reminiscent of the times we spent on our 29 acre farmette hunting, fishing, shooting and kayaking with our three grandchildren who all will be graduating High School this June 2012.
Adventures and Discoveries are what make life so interesting ~ Live Interesting!
My congratulations to all graduating students, this a message that you must read.
Unemployed graduates must improve their skills in various ways to gain experience and get up to date knowledge.
After graduating from the University, you begin searching for Jobs and all you see in adverts is specificity in demand for applicants with experience and not just that, but years of it. Does that mean companies are no more interested in fresh graduates? Even the experienced ones start...
Adding quotes to your graduation speech helps listeners to relate to the dialogue. Many often do not pay attention to these kind of speeches, but quotes will help it to stand out.
What an uplifting and rewarding experience, seeing my beautiful grand daughter graduate from High School to College. May I share it with you?
Single parent does best to provide through many life changes..upset youth, thinks otherwise.
~Writing from my camper~I traveled from California to Colorado last week to witness a rite of passage. My grandson, Billy, graduated with honors from high school. He has been accepted by the School of Mines, a college where young folks work hard to become engineers. Family is tall ...
Graduation Gown and Cap comes with a variety of types and categories. Now we will come across on the Master’s degree academic regalia. This kind of graduation gown comes with a lightweight and comfortable cap, Deluxe Hoods, Fluting, Self-Repairing Zippers, and have black fabric.
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