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Grandchildren are always a source of immense joy. My grandchildren are no less. In fact, they are a notch better, in my opinion.
My grandfather and I were very close. To me, he was a wonderful man. I wanted, to share his story with everyone.
Perception one...Grand moms didn’t then..didn't ever feel an orgasm they just delivered to increase the population Twas so then not now ...
After the passing of a loved one, one of the first things the family must do is go through the deceased's possessions. One never knows what sort of treasures may be found during such an endeavor.
A three year old girl climbs to the roof of a two story house to be with her grandfather.
A story of an older woman and her Granddaughter looking through some trinkets and the memories they rouse.
A poem I wrote to my granddaughter telling her I was sorry for the time I missed with her. Even though she to young to remember, I have nothing to forget.
Some grandpa called as grannypa composed a poem as per him for the first time Twas incredible hence my response I am an actor of poetry all know it...
My grand children visit me every year during their summer vacation and bring a lot of cheer with them. The whole house comes alive with their laughter.
I wrote this article about the closing of our local Ashtabula, Ohio mall. Ashtabula, Ohio has been in an economic slump for over 20 years now.
A summer's afternoon with my granddaughters fills me with longing that their dreams always remain filled with hope and limitless horizons...
A smarter than her age five year old granddaughter, catches grandpa red handed, in a tale of youngster vs old man.
The Newfangled Gramma remembers a girl scout project from the 1950s -- situpons. If you have some of these odd craft projects stashed in you attic, you might be sitting upon some cash.
Amy describes the pain of losing her one true love, and how she had to carry on and raise his daughter.
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