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This is a poem I wrote on my Grandads Birthday. He passed away after a extremely tough battle with cancer. He was more than a grandparent, he was a friend. The person who gave me strength even when he became week.
We love you granpa..We all must love our elderly it's a last Xmas for them may be..So let them be happy
This is part one of a story I wrote a couple of years ago. This story is based on true events that happened in my life. Through this story, you will discover what I did. Love never dies, it only changes form.
Today marks the twentieth Anniversary of my grandfather’s death. My grandfather’s passing was very painful for me. I lost my best friend, guardian, protector and guide. My grandfather has missed many great moments in my life. None of these great moments has gone by without me thin...
Jacob is reunited with his father Isaac,who is now 180 years old and dies shortly after their reunion. Esau and Jacob bury their father but each must than go his own way as they both have too much cattle to remain together.
For some reason I have been thinking about my parents for the last two days. I guess ever since my new Grandson came...It does something to renew the soul...These little miracles of life...God bless everyone.
Story of my relationship with my maternal grandfather and the ending of his life with emphysema.
A very simple poem, childlike maybe, but there is a deeper message embedded into the post. It seems that both the people in this post can’t openly except or show affection, but they do care. This could be because of many things, childhood trauma, past failures, personality proclivit...
Loyalty is a grandfather, must be imitated. He is still eating with his wife even though his wife had died.
Grandparents often play a major part in the lives of their grandchildren. They had a great impact on my life.
The poem is about the love-hate relationship I had with my grandfather.
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
My grandfather and I were very close. To me, he was a wonderful man. I wanted, to share his story with everyone.
Perception one...Grand moms didn’t then..didn't ever feel an orgasm they just delivered to increase the population Twas so then not now ...
Nice awaiting for a grandchild.When one becomes a grand dad.... how does one feel. This piece depicts just that
This tale is a true story about the life of my great grandfather. He tried hard to avoid his fate, but in the end, it became his destiny to fulfil what he had to do anyway. Can we alter our destiny, or does it affect too much else for us to ever be able to do so?
His grandfather’s story of an as yet unexplained disaster, troubles a teenage ant.
The love between a boy and his grandfather leaves a lasting memory.
A three year old girl climbs to the roof of a two story house to be with her grandfather.
We often hear people complaining about teenagers and kids being selfish and ungrateful. If so, whose fault is that? I think perhaps previous generations failed to teach them gratitude along the way.
There was a raspberry tree outside our tea estate residential quarters. I name it raspberry because there is no other name known to me for this unique fruit tree. Like my grandfather, that raspberry tree loved me as long as it lived and now is no more. I cherish its fond memories in...
How exciting it must have been a century or so ago, when you didn't know what undiscovered lands lay beyond the horizons? Such was the world when Kevin's grandfather was young and ambitious, and enjoyed exploring and documenting the world's beyond.
Grandparent's Day is coming up quickly and the hunt is on for the perfect way to share the love you feel for the older generation in your life. Grandparents love handmade gifts from their heirs so what is better than having your kids make them a tailor-made memory book for their spec...
a short story about a retired man who heard noises, in the night when the clock had struck midnight. Purely an invented tale.
Faith can and will move mountains....if we believe and have faith
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