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We love you granpa..We all must love our elderly it's a last Xmas for them may be..So let them be happy
People said it looked like a wonderful hotel, but everything changed from 1939.
This is the story of a little dachshund named Lee? Getting this dog change my life in more ways than one. She was meant, to be with my family. If, we wouldn't have saved her, I don't think, she would be around, now. She is an amazing dog, with lots of personality and love.
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
short poems .. with deep meaning and feeling and inspiration .. part 1 (more to come) 1) Feeling lost then finding your way ... Love 2) Feeling afraid .. overcome 3) Live you life, follow your dreams
This is the account of my first feelings about my loving grandmother that I did for a stream of consciousness writing group many years ago.
This story is not only funny but it's also true. A dedication to my sweet grandmother.
A very simple poem, childlike maybe, but there is a deeper message embedded into the post. It seems that both the people in this post can’t openly except or show affection, but they do care. This could be because of many things, childhood trauma, past failures, personality proclivit...
I return to Dublin and see how things have changed.
Grandparents often play a major part in the lives of their grandchildren. They had a great impact on my life.
Perception one...Grand moms didn’t then..didn't ever feel an orgasm they just delivered to increase the population Twas so then not now ...
This is a poem dedicated to my grandmother on her birthday.
grandchildren sometime is a joy and sometimes it don't worry but most of all it's a blessing
The year is 1955 and two young boys take part in a local Easter Sunday tradition.
After the passing of a loved one, one of the first things the family must do is go through the deceased's possessions. One never knows what sort of treasures may be found during such an endeavor.
Magic surrounds us in the form of love and hate. That is why we have both White Magic and Black Magic. It is our power to bring it forward and make use of the good magic. I have felt the true White Magic in the love my Granddaughter and I have for each other. I have felt the Black Mag...
*In memory of my 'mama' - My *grandmother. Who showed me that a woman is beautiful with a 'life-dress.' A life-dress to choose, measure, design, sew & 'cat-walk' the best ways she can.
There was a raspberry tree outside our tea estate residential quarters. I name it raspberry because there is no other name known to me for this unique fruit tree. Like my grandfather, that raspberry tree loved me as long as it lived and now is no more. I cherish its fond memories in...
A reflection on water aerobics and some of its glorious side effects in the name of friendship and life experiences.
Grandparent's Day is coming up quickly and the hunt is on for the perfect way to share the love you feel for the older generation in your life. Grandparents love handmade gifts from their heirs so what is better than having your kids make them a tailor-made memory book for their spec...
A grandmother has the time to read to her grandchildren, thus furthering the bond between them. Children love to hear a story at bedtime and will enjoy the ritual which they will remember for a lifetime.
My grandmother was not like any other I ever knew.
All people are important, especially grandchildren. Not all grandparents have grandchildren, if you don't have grandchildren, find a child that does not have grandparents and become a family.
Many folks have a tendency to disregard any type of sexual attractiveness, appeal or appetite when it comes to women who are Grandmothers. Especially our own children! They expect that we are "over the hill" and are finished with that part of our lives. They certainly don't expect us ...
A ten year old girl, having a conversation with her grandmother, these words of wisdom was her gift to me, and that gift is still alive and well, living inside my heart.
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