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On His Passing Away ''We all have not come to live forever but to live a life worthy enough we have to live through and must endeavour''
This is a poem I wrote on my Grandads Birthday. He passed away after a extremely tough battle with cancer. He was more than a grandparent, he was a friend. The person who gave me strength even when he became week.
We love you granpa..We all must love our elderly it's a last Xmas for them may be..So let them be happy
I enjoy listening to my parents and some friends talking about the trouble they got into when they were kids.
I love my grandparents but I think they are awfully old - like fifty maybe.
For some reason I have been thinking about my parents for the last two days. I guess ever since my new Grandson came...It does something to renew the soul...These little miracles of life...God bless everyone.
Story of my relationship with my maternal grandfather and the ending of his life with emphysema.
Felipe comes to the realization that like himself, Jordan is homosexual and is facing the same problems that he has had to cope with.
This is my life from age one until I was nine years olds. Great memories and life that is gone now. I love to look back and remember. I even try to get down all this good stuff before I forget it all. Then I will have it to go back and read.
A very simple poem, childlike maybe, but there is a deeper message embedded into the post. It seems that both the people in this post can’t openly except or show affection, but they do care. This could be because of many things, childhood trauma, past failures, personality proclivit...
Grandchildren are always a source of immense joy. My grandchildren are no less. In fact, they are a notch better, in my opinion.
Grandparents often play a major part in the lives of their grandchildren. They had a great impact on my life.
Having your final wishes made known in writing and/or orally will make it a less stressful situation as your family goes through the grieving process.
Read about two experiences this writer experienced as a passenger in her family car as a youngster.
Perception one...Grand moms didn’t then..didn't ever feel an orgasm they just delivered to increase the population Twas so then not now ...
From the sound of a gurgling wringer washer to the amazing, bountiful garden, a city kid enjoys time with her country grandparents.
Nice awaiting for a grandchild.When one becomes a grand dad.... how does one feel. This piece depicts just that
True stories of “cures” that could never be explained.
grandchildren sometime is a joy and sometimes it don't worry but most of all it's a blessing
Changes to the Grandparents Visa in Canada - will they apply to you?
I've recently searched on-line info on how to make bread at home and out of a good handful of articles and videos, I only found one that was clear and easy to follow. This explains something.
We often hear people complaining about teenagers and kids being selfish and ungrateful. If so, whose fault is that? I think perhaps previous generations failed to teach them gratitude along the way.
I am astonished by the brevity of time-lines and how much change happens in a single generation. How do we engage with these things in the writing of fiction or other kinds of narrative?
Story of my children travels to come live with me.
that broad shoulder, that witty smile and that deep voice I heard every day, etched in my memory forever whether from river of life or from death bay.
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