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Wine Robot was developed by the European Union of VineRobot Project lead by Spain's Universidad de La Rioja, the project involves eight partner groups from the wine-making countries of France, Italy, Germany and Spain.
Vines, many live in low-lying vines, is one of the shrubs. It takes a long dry season and highlight intensity, so that plants can grow well. The form was almost round, blackish-red, yellow, green, or purple. It has a sweet and sour taste, and contains a lot of water.
Regular eating grapes health of your eyes will be fine. New research says that eating grapes is shielded from the effects of many retina.
These cold soups are a good bet when it starts to be warm.
This is the beginning part of a review of an amazing film I watched last eve. It takes part on a vineyard in the south of France. It is about love and ambition and learning and knowing and all the good things that we have in our lives. Read and enjoy if you will...
Our bodies will tell us when we´ve to lose weight. Meanwhile, we can enjoy lots of foods, provided we have them in moderation.
Few New Year´s Eve traditions in case one´s fed up with the old ones. Have a look.
Leaving your cool wine because it doesn't taste good anymore? Try these simple tips so that you can finish your cool wine.
Do admit our inefficiencies, Accept our inabilities, be confident in what potentialities what each one possess. Be positive - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Fruits are an excellent source of energy and vitamins and many dieticians are recommending to eat fruits on a daily basis to lose weight as they are low in calories and high in fibre content.
Through the centuries the olive, the fig and the grape speak to us.
Are potatoes good or bad for health? How about the grapes in our diet? Make some easy salad out of your favorite fruits or vegetables.
I love to have green grapes rather than the black ones. Whether green or black, no matter what the color is, grapes do us favor in improving our health in a tasty way just like mangoes with the exception that grapes don’t increase heat or temperature in our body.
A different lifestyle and adjusting to life here is not as easy
It is very easy to have a bad attitude and a negative outlook on life. In fact, I would argue that it comes natural to many of us. It is easier to find the imperfections in everything, rather than look for the silver lining in anything. So let me share how God can help you overcome th...
This painting was done for a Winery. Hence, the title. I love painting and the joy that my paintings bring. The quote that states, 'Dance as if no one is watching..' is hard to apply to life. I feel that I can apply this to my art.
While the northern hemisphere is feeling the cold as Christmas approaches, New Zealand welcomes summer with high hopes for Christmas.
The recent happenings of racism in the world of football and worst of all, the insensitive remarks of the FIFA president, Sepp Blatter has prompted me to write this poem on racism. One more thing is that, I was also inspired by Aiyanna to write it.
I have a limited knowledge of wines. What does amuse me is watching people without the first clue of wine's commenting as if they were an expert!
This article lists top potluck ideas, which are popular all over the world.
We can easily determine if a fruit is fresh and ripe by its fragrance or appearance. Here is a list of your favorite fruits and the secrets to get the best and the freshest.
This article is basic vineyard procedures that you probably already are familiar with, but sometimes reminders get us on the right track. Let’s start with an understanding that quality wine starts in the vineyard. To make quality wine you MUST start with quality fruit.
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