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This poem came to me as I was sitting out on a beautiful sunlit day and the cool breeze of the wind just caressed me. My mind instantly began to thank my God for all my blessings from heaven.
Being grateful for all that is good in your life is the basis of building a happy, positive and successful future.
Gratitude Friend..A very humble thanks to a great ------all star poet of Wiki ---- who thinks so high of me as a poet ...
This is what happens to my energy level when entering what I call; an Attitude of Gratitude. See if it works for you.
As human beings, we're so focused on our own problems that we sometimes forget to take notice of the massive problems others are having. This little poem is to draw people's attention to the fact that no matter how bad their problems may seem, when compared to the problems of others,...
This article is about the gratitude. We must never forget about the person whoever helped us in time
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