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In the very near future there will be a new buying and selling system in place for implementation on a global scale.
Many interpreters of the Book of Revelation consider the thousand years of Revelation 20 to be a literal period of time following God's wrath. It is not so.
Christ was a historical figure born about 2000 years ago in a Jewish family at Bethlehem in Palestine.
This article looks in depth to identify the mysterious he mentioned in II Thessalonians 2:7
This article defines the terms used in End time Prophecy according to the Bible
Why are Christians viewed by the secular world as being only two- dimensional? Why are we perceived as only supporting life and marriage and opposing abortion and homosexuality? We are also very concerned about ...
This is a relatively, brief article to cover a vast topic. It is the authur's hope that it will enhance your appreciation for the Bible and the huge amount of attention it has received over the centuries.
Even the atheist or agnostic has a "hope" about the after-life. The three main categories among humans, (1) the atheist or agnostic, (2) the liberal Christian and other religionists, and (3) the born again Christian, all hold some hope for the after-life.This article furnishes the "h...
Current events are "falling all over themselves" as they fulfill the requirements of Biblical prophecies telling us of our Lord's return! Recently, I assembled a series of Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled perfectly, by the birth, ministry, death, resurrection and ascens...
Women are taking over responsibilities in all spheres of life while men, unknowingly, are heading for disaster.
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