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A man on a mission, that has eluded him many times in his life. A quest from the gods a quest that has me chasing my dreams. If only the day came and my dream had come true I could then rest in piece.
Thanksgiving Day is not the only day to thank. It is a reminder that we should thank for everything throughout our life. An ancient Tamil saint who wrote the famous work “Thirukkural” has pointed out why thanking is so important in our life.
Anagarika Dharmapala was a great national leader par excellence and his enthusiasm and tireless efforts made him drive his human frame to lengths beyond common human endurance and in a noble life dedicated to national and religious causes, he has left inspiration for his compatriots w...
We celebrate forgiveness week in the month of June which is an occasion to think of the health benefits of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the Divine therapy to build up a healthy society.
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