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Was it an hallucination or did I really visit heaven? This is the question asked by the experts whose patients experience such phenomenon. Near death experiences into the afterlife happen more frequently then you would expect. For those who believe, it is conformation, and for non-bel...
There was an interesting programme on TV recently about the secret tunnels that the British Army built at the Somme, in preparation for the battle that was brewing in that area with the German forces. Apparently both sides were secretly digging tunnels to undermine the trenches where...
By 1916 The Great War had become a war in the air with the advent of aircraft, and the fascinating ‘flying balloons’ that were the Zepplins. On one occasion the Black Country region that was home to my grandfather, came under attack – by accident !
There has been so much written over the last century now, about this Event, and I do not intend to repeat other peoples’ expert opinions on this, but I have been researching for the last decade the events at Gallipoli – Churchill’s greatest disaster.
This is a light hearted piece outlining one lasting aspect of the Gallipoli campaign - the ANZAC biscuit. These are having a revival in the 21st century.
John Crowley was not a prominent war time personality, but merely by serving in France at that time has made him an unexpected personality, and a well researched personality who played his part in the Great War.
A batch of letters was discovered in my family, in 1999 that date back to 1914-17, the majority covering the period of the Gallipoli campaign during 1915. The letters were sent home by my grandfather, a young man not yet 20 years of age, to his parents and siblings. They provide an ...
Can we dismiss the scale of unprecedented casualties that fell in the Great War, To many thousands of soldiers buried on battlefields in single or shared graves, Leaving soldiers where they fell with a simple marker and simple, brief details, Did brave men die a simple death, in simpl...
About teenagers joining the army to fight in The Great War, how their excitment turns to fear as they march towards the trenches,
A man returns from the Great War, he cannot deal with the 3 brutal years he spent in the trenches in France for three years. A doctor, the person who is patronizing our hero is trying to tell him everything is fine.
About a brave foot soldier that lived for years in the trenches during the great war, he was a man of courage a man who cared.
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