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Sure, "I think, therefore I am" is what Descartes said, and "I am, therefore I think" is what Ayn Rand meant. But, considering the nature of reality: The greatest dreamers and inventive minds are the creators of genuine power, the future, and all reality that works. What does not work...
Sizing up Manny Pacquiao and what is it to be a true pound for pound champion in boxing, for his fans and to his people.
This poem is about my wondering what will happen in my future. This is about the fears of what will happen.
Being outwardly driven needs to be backed up with being inwardly driven. This article is an activist's drive to that building and having that inner drive.
A bird in the bush is worth everything! It's this truth that drove the Bill Gates of this world unto creating an empire from a simple formless vision, dropping out of school - or letting go of the little beautiful dove- to seek the unseen birds in the wild. The same truth drives the c...
People who always think with pessimistic will always see life as black and dark glasses, life will just end up sad and miserable. This is in contrast with those who always think " I'm Great", the people who think optimistic confident with the help of Allah . they believe that every pr...
Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz.
Where did true appreciation go...not that that asks for self recognition but admiration for really good writing and commenting thus...on this marvellous site we have so many good writers and then there are those who continually pigee back on others...if the cap fits wear it.....
The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom. Ralph Waldo Emerson
10 easy ways to look and feel great Feeling good about yourself and looking your best doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Here are some reminders of small things that make a big different.
Many people today do not know that they have in and around them, and they seek for power else where. Every day we read one book or the other and you get knowledge, that is good enough because information is power.
In my country, and particularly my state (Edo state), if you are not counted among the rich and affluent then success can not be associated with your name as people will not want to associate with as such you are tagged as orphan even while you still have both parents.So people from ...
Letting Intuition guide us, setting big goals from a new enlightened perspective, and moving confidently in their direction, knowing their accomplishment is inevitable.
Having returned to Los Angeles with a powerful new perspective, a clear head, and the passion and drive to LIVE my dreams, I have been inspired to share my experiences and document my journey in the only way that I can express it- BLAZING with the FIRE that can never be extinguished.
This is a short poem that I have written for my girl to show her how much I care for her and how much I love her, for all its her presence that has made me stronger than ever before and how important it is for me to have her with me.
Greatness should not be sort for in places or in other people it should be sort for in selves. It is not something we can borrow, steal or beg since it flows from the inside out direction. we individually have greatness buried inside us, let us use it for the better good.
Anagarika Dharmapala was a great national leader par excellence and his enthusiasm and tireless efforts made him drive his human frame to lengths beyond common human endurance and in a noble life dedicated to national and religious causes, he has left inspiration for his compatriots w...
An alegorical tribute to Love that endures the ravages of time.
Pleading to the American leaders to make America great again.
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