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Greed is the biggest misery...This is the mainsaty of human weakness DISSATISFACTION GREED!!!!
How domain investors in india are threatened with fake cases by powerful officials to exploit them for the rest of their life
Oh for goodness sake, Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri really are a class act. And not in a good way.
Till R&AW, CBI, NTRO continue to consider lazy greedy cheaters, liars and sluts offering sex bribes to be role models for India , there will many other sheena bora murder cases and similar frauds which will remain undetected for long.
It is a fact many lead a guilt filled life unable to shake off what weighs them down. Once the causes are identified we can re-calibrate our thinking, even do a reboot if necessary, to lead ourselves to a path of fulfillment that is on auto-pilot.
Minting money in stock market is not everybody's game as many people have found out already. This article here points out those finer points a trader or an investor needs to earn decent profit from the stock market. Following these important points can make you a successful trader
This post describes how our society is spoiled by unethical doings, corruption and crimes, are they teach us a lesson to learn?
Greed can have a very strange control over people, but it is never the best way to gain money or power.
What kind of conversation do you have at your spiritual table of food?
Only Greed..We place them to lead us then we weep at our own folly .
Life is more of a business now – value is placed in what everyone brings to the table in terms of material wealth. True wisdom lies in never forgetting the basics – the oneness in our existence and recognizing the uniqueness in each one of us. Family and society will ever remain ...
We feel comfort within the bubbles we seek refuge in, but we have to be prepared for a time when they can burst, pop. We are also encased safely in a bubble we call planet earth that we take for granted.
We adopted 2 kittens back in August, they are now 7 months old, and it was their first Christmas. Read on to find out more about it.
Greed is a bad habit, Please improve yourself because Allah can see everyone people and seen his thought. This story teach anyone who digs a pit for other falls of them.
A story which make as laugh but at the same time expresses the mind set of many people in this world . There is a lesson to learn . GOT IT ?
Greed and profits - want to have and grab everything- all for me!
The article is regarding the gambling habits people get into ,its easy to get in but hard to go out from here.
A short poem about rainbow magic, how to make a wish and when to look out for one. Also a message of not being greedy.
This poem is about me and life. I've been through a lot of things in life that have made me grow up faster then I should have had to. But everything in life has its reasons.
This is an interesting story about a sparrow that lived in our village church. People used to watch the sparrow and enjoy.
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