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Green tea is a drink known to many people and has many health benefits. Some studies have confirmed that green tea is improving the function of the brain and delay senility diseases. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. However, Green tea contains caffein...
Our future is looking brighter in so many ways thanks to the new LED technologies and we;re just getting started! Changing to this new technology is one of our worlds most important and urgent responsibilities. The benefits are more far reaching than most people are aware of. And th...
Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder. It is of very high quality and can be used in confectionery aswell as just a beverage. Matcha Tea is being used more and more in our Western culture, discover what it has to offer.
well am back with some of my somewhat mystifying poetry..if you read sense into it well done or be like me just wander the highways and byways of non reality...wherever it takes you...enjoy
India goes green as it turns to wind and solar power on the initiative of Prime Minister Modi. Need to understand the concept of green energy has stalled many projects. Now India has become aware as one of the leaders of progress and change are looking to implement green energy source...
From childhood, my parents already introduced green beans. Almost within one month, there will always be a menu of green beans, the list of foods. Starting mixed with rice, made juice, used as a cake, or vegetables.
Are you Colours blind? it is quite possible you are and do not even know it, read on to find out more
Golf though reckoned as the sport of the 'elite', in the recent past more and more people are taking up this as their favorite sport. Some basic facts that will help you for a better tee-off.
I called it, way back in the day of April 30, 2013, on a site came to be known as the bubble-ooze. I'm moving it here: Who knew I'd ever say there were any politicians with a lick of sense? Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) are pushing for legislation to d...
Chocolate game, Candy crush saga invented by King in 2012. Now the game is popular among the people from all over the world.
we should remember that life is a broken-winged bird ,life is a barren field frozen with snow. so hold fast to dream, if dreams go away, it's true and we feel always. this is the realization of a great poet "Langston Hughes". my poem is written on the basis of poem " dreams" of "Langs...
you will have heard of the benefits of green vegetables in the diet of white vegetables whose benefits will probably not know you yet.
Today people are more concerned than ever about the health and future of our planet. This article will give easy tips that anyone can use at home to reduce their carbon footrpint.
A herbivore eats plant mater, a carnivore eats meat, an omnivore eats both, a locavore is a person who eats only things they can find locally. A locavore is an environmentally friendly consumer.
An article on green tea and how it accords health benefits. Discover some of the benfits that accrue from regular consumption of this brew.
The Poem gives an insight towards the friendliness of nature and human relationship - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Another article describing a recent creation of mine, a green bicycle made out of a piece of discarded telephone wire. Recycling and color make this bike green in more sense than one.
The changing of the leaves in the Fall is such a beautiful experience!
The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar thermal plant that built to provides power to parts of Northern California, US. If fully functioning, this renewable energy project will produce around 377 megawatts of energy.
Have you ever taken some time to think of all the things people have ever created? Does the great number of products and services make you feel there is nothing else to be created? It's time for a deep rethink!
This is a mostly prose poem about childhood questions that ended up being a life long quest. Although much has been answered there still remains a mystery.
A day out with friends exploring the unexplored after a long stressed office days
Normally Katydids are in natural green in colour, which moves and collect food from the leafs. Now we can find Pink Katydids
A collection of poems by Lorenzo A. Fernandez, Jr., aka Lorenz
The poem is a comparison between the life of a leaf and that of a human being.
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