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Once a friend told me...Hi you are getting grey so early ..I was just maybe in my thirties here apply this cream See what happened to me....
Attractive look is not just a women issue. Men can also look attractive with these simple tips. Attractive look increase your confidence.
This is a poem that I wrote in memory of my husband who is no more with me. He died of Cardiac Arrest in June, 2004.
A poem about change and long standing memories. A delve into the past, to the morning of a life, the imagination of a poet.
In the past a grey haired person may have slowed down and approached life in a more leisurely way. Now, grey hair often means a wealth of wisdom and energy, denoting someone who has much to offer the wider community.
Finding a good hairdresser is difficult, keeping that hairdresser, once found, is even harder.
No one chooses to get grey hair. It’s another example of how our bodies make decisions without consulting us first. For example, did we decide to be short? Or tall? What about eye colour? Brown eyes are fine, but green would have been great. And who gave permission for those flat fe...
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