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Once a friend told me...Hi you are getting grey so early ..I was just maybe in my thirties here apply this cream See what happened to me....
Dogs are mans best friend but what do we really know about them?
A look at the biggest even in the British Greyhound Racing calendar, the Greyhound Derby. Including history and notable winners of the race down the years.
The variety of substances injected or fed to greyhounds that can potentially affect the animal’s performance - improve or impair - is matched only by the variety of excuses when the trainers are caught. More recently two cases stand out not only because of the substances involve...
A new survey - the largest of its kind undertaken - offers a disturbing insight into the world of greyhound racing and the set task demanded of these athletes: the racing at speed on tight anti-clockwise tracks.
Racing punters like to think that they stand a decent chance of backing a winner. Here's a true tale of one race, somewhere in The North, sometime in the 1970s, the result of which almost caused a riot.
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