Pages tagged with Grief Shards And Other Remains

The death of a young person, in my case a grandchild, is always so tragic. Life goes on and we go on. But some days are easier than others, and on a certain day in June, the heartbreak can be almost too much to bear.
Sometimes in peoples lives something terrible happens. Who do you turn to? People tell you to get over it, put it behind you but some grief is just too much to shrug off. So life takes a turn for the worse and the worse it gets so do you. How can others tell another person that grievi...
Susan Joyner-Stumpf has been writing poetry since a very young age. Besides her poetry being published in poetry anthologies, magazines, and on writing websites, it is now featured in her own poetry books. She is the author of eight of them and is working on more books as well.
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