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This is most grotesque and is representative of those many wrongdoers around the world who parade as good. Even here on wikinut we have if the caps fits...wear it...
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
The Gargoyle has been more than a simple ornament on structures for many centuries. It waits and watches for the moment when it is seen.
Cat’s Cradle is a teasing book of games by Kurt Vonnegut, who is an expert in moving both the characters and the readers on strings like puppets in a show.
This poem is actually a love poem but I put it through my darkness and the outcome was the poem. I guess it is only the truth on how love on the individual takes hold. Comments are open.
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