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In life we Grow and Go in our own ways, we are influenced by many, many things. Wisdom or the Lack of, is not to say one is not wise, just ill or UN-informed on specifics subjects.
The cotton lint (fibre) itself is baled for transport to the manufacturing regions (textile industries). The fibres are washed and then comb to form a rope – like mass of fibres known as silver. The silver is fed to the spindles and spun to make cotton yarn.
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
Parents do have the problem of baring with kids anger as sometimes it really gets worse and effects their family life very much. Dealing with kids anger is an art which has to be mastered by parents at any cost
Keeping a garden blooming and fresh needs lot of effort. The fruits of the labor are well worth it. Garden plants, houseplants, herbs, water plants and vegetables grow well with a little care. Here are some tips to start you off on your kitchen garden odyssey.
Using perfect selling techniques comes through experience. For installing an online store, you need software that operates like clockwork. The team should be reliable and efficient. The operations have to be smooth and efficient. Let us look at this in detail.
Are you new to Wikinut? If you are then have a look at this article then answer this challenge. I am confident the every single Wikinut on this site will support you in getting going, growing and becoming more confident as a writer. The truth is the Internet can be a terribly lonesome...
When we hear the word why, it is calling for understanding, the how-come, the purpose and the results.
How to grow your own Oyster mushrooms. Well that depends on how much you want to grow. In small amount that is so easy that you can believe. And in case you want to have big business it take lots of money and energy. And I would say luck.
Researchers have found that new teeth can be grown from own gums, the advance system to reinstate missing teeth with new bioengineered teeth
sometimes in our sorrows we feel as if our heart will never mend - but this poem speaks of a time when we will smile again - and all will be well again.
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
Growing garlic is something that can be grown by the beginner or the advanced gardener. It has been grown for 3000 years and was one of the first herbs to be used for medicinal purposes. It doesn't require a lot of pampering to get it to grow and be productive.
When an idea needs acting upon do you volunteer to test it out? You should! There are benefits from doing so, even if they are not in material things. If you are the one to do it then you will almost certainly be seen in a different light by those that matter.
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A short poem about running water, how it flows and why it is important to life.
3 short poems by robert wyler, copyright, 2009 i wrote these poems while unemployed. a little bird said "write" i looked up to the heavens, and 5 minutes later it was automatic. the words flew to pen. i was proud and excited.
Have you ever heard the phrase, What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger? Read about an example from pop culture, and find out how traumatic events can mature and grow us far more than a life without painful happenings.
A Story Poem: A Ship and Her crew lost in the cold and dawning of the night. Their eternal frozen stand off with the King of the Sea for their trespasses.
Reflections about True Weights and Measurements. If there Is one thing our Lord GOD hates it is dishonesty for the sake of Monetary Gain. You can not serve the Lord and Mammon.
Well Marketeers and Marketers are two different breeds in My Book. One is a Lolly Gagger and the other is a cut throat go getting S.O.B. Which are you and why are you? "Show me the Money!" Jerry McGuire was It? With Tom Cruise coin that phrase or brought it back to life? You got to ma...
Reflections of why friends and Business don't mix! Well maybe not in all cases, but in this particular case it was not a very gainful deployment for employment
Annalists analyze information technically with great care to understand what it is they are noticing, but yet some times it is the guy who stumbles upon and take notice of a specific out come that gets the credit for a discovery of great significance.
Way back when I first started in about 2003. Trying to earn here on the WWW I tried Direct Sales and knew little if anything about Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Hooks, and the Like. I do know a little more now than then, but I am not Selling Directly at this moment.
The healing powers of memories and pictures stored. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Oh how right they were.
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