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No matter how busy one gets, one must always remember to help save the animals. Save them from all the cruel, cruel human beings who want to kill them for anything other than survival. Well actually I'm probably oversensitive about the subject and animals can and may indeed be hunte...
Better to resist the temptation to utter every thought that comes to mind. Also do not attend every argument that you are invited to.
Most of us have committed some type of idiotic or blatantly wrongful act of some kind at one time or another. Initially most of us may not have realized just how terribly ridiculous the act was. It was as if we were held ~ to a certain extent ~ in bondage and darkness by evil for...
Cleveland Cavaliers have announced on Friday that guard Kyrie Irving has suffered a broken knee cap in his left leg that placed him on the shelf for the remainder of the 2015 National Basketball Associations Finals. Cavaliers guard Matthew Delladedova will replace Irving on the starti...
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irvng who has been battling a right foot injury and tendinitis on his left knee will be a game time decision that will be made by the Cavaliers medical staff whether he will play in the fourth game of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals versus the Atlanta...
Third year Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving who has been battling an injury to his right foot and left knee during the National Basketball Association playoffs will not be playing in the third game of the National Basketball Association Conference Finals versus the Atlanta Hawks...
A poem asking whether trains smell or not. As a frequent traveller I do get put off by the unpleasantness of a train journey due to a variety of different odours.
The main female character in this setting is finished working for the day. All she wants to do is leave this place and go home. The problem, though, is the place has so much security, one cannot just simply walk out. While waiting for permission to leave, the main character, the only ...
Often Color Guard is overlooked as an activity or even a sport. When I found this activity I didn't know anything about it, and totally regretted it. I wish I grew up learning more and more of this activity.
Many farmers are now using Alpacas, or Llamas to guard their smaller livestock animals. Learn more about using Alpacas or Llamas as guard animals.
An Iambic tetrameter poem. Barbarians invade the land of a retired Byzantine guard, who decides to face them.
The things which describe what makes a veteran, all good.
On Armed Forces Day remember the sacrifice of time, family, and blood given by our servicemen!
Exploring what it takes to be a good parent especially in today's demanding and often harsh world. Also looks at how to be a good parent if you have teen children, how to ensure that that connection between parents and children is not only maintained but also strengthened as the child...
In light of the recent atrocities in Egypt and elsewhere where buried servicemen’s graves have been vandalized, I wrote this.
What is the Christian's responsibility as a watchman at the wall? Watchmen beware! There are three lies Christians are being taught.
Being a real believer in the essence and activity of defense in sports... this piece pertains to the center in basketball.
A parachutist of the best Division in the U.S.A., the 501 "Geronimo" (actually G. is the word, those men yell just before jumping w/ a parachute, a war scream). A good, sentimental poem.
A soldier gets shot while he is keeping watch in his sentry box. His thoughts before and after the event.
Expert says that the cohabitation of dogs and humans would have greatly improve the chances of survival for the early human groups, as well as the domestication of dogs can also be considered as one of the factor of the development of modern human.
The owners of the dogs sometimes enter their dogs into the competitions. These competitions includes breed conformation shows or sports such as racing and sledding.
He enters the houses of men and women without prejudice; he judges the hearts of men and women, of princes and soldiers, without bias. He wears many faces, but behind every face lies the ceaseless hunger of the Beasts.
I never thought of a donkey as a pet, until I got my first one. Donkeys are not quite the same as horses and require a special touch, but with care soon will bond to you better than a dog. This a guide on how to care for your donkey friend.
Want to win every NFL water cooler debate? Learn how to rank offensive lines, and where your favorite team stacks up.
Page is about two men wanting to break out of the mental institution.
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