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Angels are thought of as being real by many people. After all, they are even mentioned in the Christian bible itself, many times. Recently, I had a meditation session where I met an angel. It was my recently deceased father, now an angel in Heaven. This opinion piece discusses my ow...
This is part two of a story I wrote a couple of years ago. This story is based on true events that happened in my life. Through this story, you will discover what I did. Love never dies, it only changes form.
This story was published in an anthology called Angels on Earth. I hold the copyright.
Anthony's heroic and selfless action saves the life of a drowning boy
This poem pays homage to DeVonte Squire, A 20 year old Sophomore Theatre Major who attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Our paths crossed moments before a pathway was created to the next life.
We all change and morph and become something new. This poem is about looking into ourselves and believing in the beauty life might have left in store...
Another tragic incident I have recently experienced and continuing to overcome inspired me to write a form of 'thank you'
This is my story with my guardian angel. E-N-J-O-Y! I do not own the picture. I am proud to be a Muslim!
A love poem about a special penny and what it represents. Please read on!
I have a guardian angel who watches over me. Do you?
I've written a lot lately about is a further example of the power of the universe, the power of good, and about angels amongst us.
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