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How some public employees wished merry Christmas and happy new year to those people that they had rendered their services.
Built in 1834, the prison was designed with the idea that inmates would eventually repent after deciding to leave a life of sin far behind them. Today the building is owned by The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society who preserves the historical site through ghost tours that pro...
How our democratic countries are being turned into police states.
Following my series of urban characters, I tell now about those night guards that patrolled the streets to prevent disturbances or to help someone in need.
This is a story of how children perceive things in ways you wouldn't think.
This article is to promote Venum Red Devil Shin Guards
Forest guard is called when one saw the leopard in the village, the officer has to equip themselves in such that they no get scratches due to leopard punches. See how the leopard attacked on Forest officers.
Normally, clowns are supposed to entertain others, keep kids happy, put a smile on everyone's face. But not this clown. The clown here does entertain. Problem is, he only entertains himself.
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