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Food fads are making it increasingly difficult Middle-classes are becoming health-co
Earlier getting Adsense approval for a blog is very easy. But these days, it's been quite tougher since Google has stipulated many rules and has been considering every single thing related to the blog.
A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.
The last chapter in my hotel series. The Staff and their daily ups and downs.
New chapter in my hotel series. This is about people with no manners.
Another incident at the hotel. Some people think they have the right to be rude.
This article is about hosting the guests. The guests must be active to avoid issues
Sounds good? This girl did not think so! She did not even know that they were coming.
This is a short poem, about an "ungrateful guest".
a simple and short poem .it is about two birds that visit in my house in every monsoon .i think you would like it .thank you .jk
This page is about guests who are giving problems to us. Really we hate this kind of guests in our life
A short poem about the singing nightingale at night and how we are very lucky if we manage to hear it`s song.
Three other essential details when preparing for a wedding.
Planning your perfect wedding can be tasking from choosing your wedding theme,bridal gown,honeymoon travel destination, and many more. Here are some essential things in planning your wedding.
What happens when the service at a restaurant is not up to your standard? This is not just a guest-waiter scenario but one that happens in many businesses.
The wedding date is set, plans are coming together, now it's time to plan the Bridal Party, but what steps should you take? when should it be held? who should be invited? Read along to find some useful tips to make the Bridal Shower an enjoyable day for all in attendance.
Visiting in someone’s home is an honor and privilege. It is an opportunity to show the host that your visit is not a headache, but a very real pleasure!
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