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What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Can believers be defeated?
Quality writing interspersed with genuine poetry . Read about the memoirs of an explorer ,a wanderer and a savior...
My page ensures good quality and original poetry. For all those who have keen interest in reading poetry with a deep philosophical and psychological meaning must give it a peek in read. My words will also ensure it's readers a trail of genuine thoughts inspired from real life !
The final and much pleasant action is actually immersion. The greater a person incorporate aspects of the language/culture in to your own everyday life the actual faster you'll be from achieving fluency. Preferably, whenever you involve your self
There are lots of methods to self-practice inside your language. This task is important since it assists combine as well as acquaint a person using the vocabulary as well as
This poem is dedicated to all the fathers in the world especially to my beloved father who gave me too much love and affection when he was alive.
Few adopt cunning ways to get ahead in life. They may prove shortcuts to material success and political power, but they destroy the soul of society. It is time to redefine success to include less of selfish pursuits and more of inclusive effort.
Lenten season takes us back to the purpose of Jesus coming to this earth. Herod of Christmas (may be a different Herod) comes again at the end of Jesus' life. Nativity period of Christianity comes to an end with Epiphany, commemorating the visit of the Magi from the east. It is an int...
Three Apples have changed the human destiny. The third Apple that changed the destiny of humanity succumbed to death a couple of days ago.
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