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If you place your fingers on 4 adjacent frets, and you play every note only once, then you have 24 possible finger combinations.
Learning chords can be difficult and frustrating for beginners but with this approach they can learn them quicker and get to the point where they can play 'a proper song' before they give up.
Teaching guitar to a beginner can easily be a frustrating as well as rewarding experience. It helps to keep things in perspective if you remember the first time you tried to plat the guitar. When you have played guitar for a long time it is easy to forget how awkward the guitar can fe...
Danny Gatton was a giant among guitar players. Unfortunately Gatton never achieved the commercial success or recognition that should have been his due. His technique and creativity on the guitar was literally mind boggling and would humble any guitarist who saw him play..
Duane Allman's life ended tragically at the age of twenty four. Despite the brevity of his short life, Duane set the standard by which all electric slide guitarists are measured. The electric slide guitar has the potential to be beautiful and sublime or to be irritating and annoying. ...
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