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On a singer's death and on the even sadder death of a popular cafe.
An acoustic guitar performance of the song 'Voices' with accompanying lyrics.
Music is great gift of God for human being, Music have not any language. All of us likes music. You may be listen, saw or play music instruments. It is interested to know about native place of some music instruments. Have it.
The guitar is arguably the world's most recognizable instrument. It is no doubt assisted by its 4000 year lineage
A "how to" guide for those with limited musical knowledge who wish to write a song.
Just want to share how I started writing songs to actually getting one published at the end of 2013.
Endless Love is theme of this two love lyrics - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
There's a death metal band whose lead singer is a parrot. No joke.
Is talent inborn or is it learned? There are a lot of arguments that people say about this but in reality it's a little bit of both. There are children that are exposed to talented parents that they tend to mimic the special skills of the people that they look up to. The parents must ...
How country style blues music was transformed from a 'niche' into mainstream entertainment.
Here are some various musical instruments information for students and music enthusiasts. Learning one of these instruments is a truly fun skill which can be shared to others.
Guitar is a musical instrument that uses a cable to produce sound. Generally, the guitar is made with six straps, but four seven, eight, ten and twelve guitar cables unusual, is also available.
An exclusive interview with jazz guitarist George Benson before a show at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
The Press corps interviews jazz guitarist George Benson before his show at Nelson Mandela Bay Jazz Festival in May 2010
Learning chords can be difficult and frustrating for beginners but with this approach they can learn them quicker and get to the point where they can play 'a proper song' before they give up.
Here is a brief summary of my opinion about the current Van Halen CD, "A Different Kind Of Truth."
Having set a goal in life, it is always advisable to be patient and enjoy the life normally till it is accomplished instead of making our lives stressful after the goal.
They are in Rock n Roll hall of fame. They still have the record for largest selling debut album. Regarded as One of the Best Rock bands ever, Guns N' Roses are known for some unforgettable songs.See the the best songs by the greatest Rock band ever. Check out the very best songs of G...
I caught like a catcher your star, it in you out in me now alight, and like you I play my guitar, death in life to be won by delight.
I wrote this poem from Nyla Alisia's photo poetry prompt on her facebook page...a photo of a guitar and this is the result of my poem. I hope you enjoy this poem!
A review of Almost Broke by the blues band Poor Boy.
A CD Review of So Good by singer and guitarist Robi Zonca
A Review of Jimmie Vaughan Plays Blues, Ballads and Favourites
Have you ever experienced that moment when you’re day-dreaming and staring intently at something, not hearing anyone around you? After zoning out you jump up, run to your guitar, set up your phone to record you and urgently play a song that was floating around in your head. That's w...
A CD Review of of recent album Shine by Dani Wilde and her band.
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