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Gut feeling, instinct, intuition, inner knowing, inner guidance. We should learn to hear the soft inner voice of our own soul as it tries to guide us whilst we are on our life journeys. These poems are about how to do just that!
We live our lives as ourselves in our body, with our mind. Why then must we listen to any advice coming to us from any so called higher self? Is it better to make our own mistakes, or to try to avoid them by following this inner guidance? If we avoid something, what is the point ...
John was a rather large man. He had much insight. He was aware of his surroundings. He had a big gut feeling, in more ways than one. He so often ignored his intuition though. One day though, this cost him very dearly. As a direct result of this ignoring his insight, somebody died.
This article talks about how our conscience has been fashioned for us in a particular way, and with a particular strength in order to assist us in the best possible of ways in our lives. Our soul builds our personality, our ego, and our conscience for us.
This poem depicts me as a person who once never followed my intuition. Sure, I would always hear it quietly talking to me in the background, but I would then wait for its voice to get even louder. I always wanted to be sure before following it. This poem shows us that we do not ne...
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