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I think the benefit of a free gym membership would be more valuable than free healthcare but you need healthcare of course but prevention of illness is priceless. Don't you think? And giving them a free gym membership is cheap but could cut down cost by seventy percent.
Exercise is vital to your health from the inside out. You can do it! Once your doctor clears you for outdoor fitness, join me in the quest for better health. Cheers to our success!!
Here is another one of my school days stories from my book, "Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey. This particular story is one of my favorites. Tommy never made be cry!
Why going to the gym sometimes is not for the faint-hearted
Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. Read how an elderly man spreads joy by doing a very simple gesture.
do not use soreness as a guidance to whether you had a good workout or not.
British Summer Time: yes, it's that time of year again! With an unexpected surge of sunshine gracing us with its presence, there’s no better time to make a change and banish the bulge! Let me share with you my words of wisdom and help you get back on track with some top tips that ...
When it comes to exercises, beginners face problems with staying motivated and doing the right thing. Here are some simple start up tips for dealing with those situations. Enjoy your exercise schedule and let go if you feel stressed out.
15 tips for unlocking your true fitness potential and create a more athletic, healthier and happier version of your current self:
Gymming on your own can be a pain. You don’t end up going as often as you’d like, the equipment you prefer is never free when you want it, you may not know exactly what you should be doing, and often, the trainers seem to dole out only cookie-cutter advice. A personal trainer sou...
This is a humorous account of my first day in the gym. Being a grandmother, it had to be humorous but is also enjoyable and by the end, I hope a little inspirational.
Nothing ruins a workout quicker than rude gym members. Here are five behaviors to avoid in order to have good gym etiquette.
Have you ever considered joining a gym to get the perfect body for summertime, but have not been successful in doing so because you fear that experienced gym-goers may stare and judge? I used to feel the same way. I even went as far as to buying dumbbells, resistance bands, and a pull...
I just had my first exercising experience on a gym and I'm so excited to tell you guys about it!
Many women of the village pass by my house on their bicycles with various kinds of loads. None of them is highly educated or highly placed. Still, they can be aptly called "women of substance". I dedicate this poem to them and their sisters everywhere.
You can avoid gym with running, it is better to practice running in outdoor open fresh air instead of concrete jungle with artificial machine air.
Read about how to say no to the plastic surgery, you can look younger also without it. Take time for yourself and then you will succeed!
This poem is about what you do everyday. Days are important in our life.So we'll know what we did on each day.
Now a days people are visiting gym for health purpose, their they are doing several exercises. It is good to do taking stairs for 30 minutes a day can avoid going to gym.
Lean more about the importance of your health by visiting a gym regularly
Make your workouts effective just by following some small but very important tips.
If you want build muscles and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform circuit training 3 days per week
Gyms are too SCARY when there are a bunch of monsters in it. And it was very traumatic for a guy like me.
Following on from Tuesday's episode, the next instalment of WIKINUT SOAP!!
This article is written just to moralize every single person who thinks that he/she is skinny , but the thing is they can bulk up for sure.. by reading this article they will know how they can transform them from skinny to bulked :)
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