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Writing is all about inspiration and, as you probably know, the latter one can be a fleeting thing. Still, over the years, many successful novelists have managed to grab a Muse by its tail — mostly by developing a set of habits that would inspire them to write. You can do, too!
I would find out where the child learned stealing from, and where we parents have failed in inspiring the child to be of high moral conduct? In fact, the parents inspiration should be so strong that the child does not pick up any bad characteristic from any source.
Everybody wants success in life, but not all achieve it.. There are men who do not exert themselves, but depend on others. But self interest is the best incentive to work. If this interest does not motivate us to do ,we can not expect others to sac...
I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
People all over the world are very scary to live in this present times because of the spreading terrorism all over the world. There seems to be no control on terrorism now.
Many people have become writers after enjoying what they are doing. Without having passion towards anything, it is difficult to achieve great heights in that for anyone.
I had a fondness for someone and noticed a habit they had. The closer you get to a person, an individual, is the more you learn about them. You learn their foibles. Is this good or bad...?
This poetry is a reminder to us not to live within the desert of our minds. We need to water our minds from the living waters of love that come from the oasis that God has placed for us to do this with in our hearts. Our minds sometimes need to be reminded not to mind!
Habits play a very important part in our life. They have their effect on everything we do. Our life is made up of collection of habits. Some are good and some are bad. The practice of the good ones enriches our life. The practice of the bad ones weakens our life.
Yes it is had to convince people to change after they were enjoying a particular lifestyle
Procrastination is a disease, it is a dangerous trend in life. Christians and would be Christians must desist from this, they have to act according to the scripture by taking a decision of repentance so they can make heaven.
Introducing the daily program Six Minutes to Success, the program can impact on certain levels it is chosen to impact on.
When do we know we are in a Mental Prison is a selfaware question
The top ten most addictive prescription pain killers are Fentanyl, Stadol, OxyContin, Demerol, Hydrocodone, MS Contin, Percocet, Lorcet, Dilaudid, and Zydone. Pain killers can lead to dependency or an addiction.
A part of me always envied those people who appeared on television documentaries in silhouette or back to the camera, confessing to shameful vices that led them into lives of crime and depravity. Although I have not lived a totally blameless life my misdemeanours are more likely to pr...
The want to be accepted is a human nature and so this urge to have our decisions and choices approved by people around us comes naturally to most of us. But the grave mistake that we commit is to wish and wait for the approval of people whom we like instead of wishing and waiting for ...
Losing weight revolves around some myths. Some may be true while others lies. Read and make your own judgement.
Chewing gum is a modern lifestyle. Studies say that it can boost your brain memory, taste your tongue and save your gums. It is good for health.
A Chinese proverb says, "Children's mouths speak the truth." If you listen to the words that come out of the mouths of babes you will find out that they are too innocent to speak lies. Then why do they say lies when they grow up?
Habitual working provides benefit of high productivity but causes boredom, imbalance in body development and loss of intellect in the worker. There are two strategies for eliminating negative aspects of habitual working.
When we believe powerlessness has assumed its dominating role, that someone else is pulling the strings, wait for circumstantial scenes to change, trust that something of meaningful structure, value and content will occur, love will surely find us and make everything alright, and/or t...
Identification is the vital key, as with any worthwhile search for meaningful clues. (This brings to mind, the show Criminal Minds {Spencer} and Law and Order, too). In astrology, the placement of the planets, in addition to the various degrees, tell a superlative story in a person's ...
Nowadays, we have one common challenge;how to prevent money from slipping away. These are a few tips on how to keep money.
Who would know that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country (with over 238 million people) in the whole wide world? What does that have to do with anything?
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