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Conservationists around the globe are puzzled by the disappearance of migratory songbirds. The development has triggered widespread investigations into possible causes of the worrying trend.
The adage - idle mind is the devil’s workshop - pin us down to a destructive lifestyle devoid of substance and meaning. It is more led by deceit, negativity of thinking and action. It is time for us to find a higher purpose to our lives to bind us as one and elevate our thinking and...
The seeds are very similar to cotton as they are a fluff of fiber. The Cottonwood tree is native to the United States.
Man is the most amazing creature on this earth who is never satisfied and always wants more.This dissatisfaction has led us to a point where the natural beauty of earth has been destroyed by the brains as intelligence is the faculty of making artificial objects,specially tools to make...
Wildlife is worth protecting, conserving and preserving because of the numerous importance it has on man and the environment.
A popular zoo attraction but struggling in the wild. This is just a quick piece on these lovable animals.
A new home is always wonderful and when it is built by friends and family to help an organization that is a step in the right direction.
A young son was killed inhumanly in a human village. I am trying to express his mother's tearful thoughts in my incompetent words.
Words have power and presence. Each syllable brings something to the table... or, to the canvas. When it comes to considering what we mean when we use the expression, "Where it's at," a few poetic reflections are inspired.
Thanks to their adaptability House mice are found in every continent except Antarctica. They survive also by exponential reproduction rates. Their relationship with man is convenient (for them), but not essential. This article describes the major characteristics of the House Mouse ...
There are many different kinds of animals on earth. Many of these animals, live in a rainforest habitat. The rainforest is a beautiful kind of place. I will tell you about some of the animals that live there.
Global warming is a menace from past century, resulting in soaring temperature throughout the surface and atmosphere of earth. The threat to the ecology is getting accentuated with each passing moment, as the clock is ticking quite fast. Wake up friends !
Sometimes when we in need or greed destroy a habitat, we never know what we have created
Crocodiles are an endangered species in a lake near Bombay. Efforts need to be made to conserve their habitat
Some reports said that there are several geographically isolated populations of cheetahs, throughout the world. Most of these places can be found in Africa and Southwestern Asia.
Haiku is another type of poetry that anyone can write it. Haiku poetry has no title - it depends on the theme or subject of the poem used by the author.
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