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Whither I go, whatever sees me, I may run away and I may not.
These five short stanzas attempt like haiku's to convey one author's thoughts.
Some selected poems from early years that speaks volumes in few lines and the compelling jpy of writing such form of literature by the author with bonus slideshow of original personal artworks that served as inspiration over the years.
This is a small collection of my haikus and other poetry.
Haiku is a poetic form that is fun to do but also a very effective form of poetry to capture a single moment or even a feeling. I have posted here a few of my haiku poems that I had written a while back.
Perfection and trying to be perfect can be exhausting.
A collected tetractys poem about two mundane greetings turn exciting to make our day and night complete with the sense of peace.
How a simple haiku poem says it all about Life, death, and all tragedies of this world.
A collections of mundane thoughts from different moods and times of my life.
A tall tale legend of a house fly reflected in modern poetry from three contributing authors ergo Wiki.
The concluding tall tale legend of a house fly reflected in modern poetry from three contributing authors ergo Wiki.
12 Haiku in the traditional Japanese format of 5, 7, 5 syllables that attempt to capture the flavour of a moment when time stands still and there is only the purity of the experience.
Baseball is a sport we all enjoy pretty much all year. As long as the weather is nice, a game of baseball can be played in parks, at birthday parties, and at picnics. This poem is a salute to the all-American pastime.
If you don't think poetry can be fun, you really need to consider a sestina about a hen. The poet used the words bay, lay, may, say, day, and way. Of course, there is a rooster in the plot. I tried to dispel the notion poetry is dry, and I think I succeeded
Can we poke fun on our own "death," as we mortals call it? It's just an interlude of rest and life continues.
I love to cook and I love to write poetry. I have never seen any reason the two cannot be compatible.
Here are some haiku written at various occasions over the years.
Sijo, Haiku, Senryu and Ninette have their own forms, they limit as well as enhance the imagery of poems.
This article is about the form of poetry called Haiku. It touches on a few aspects of this great art, and highlights too, some of its history. A good haiku stands on its own simply because of its rendering of truth so succinctly. The preciseness of its real meaning achieved in the f...
Waxing poetic today, snow blankets the town and a few light images come to mind. But not before a somewhat dark creation.
I have always been a big fan of haiku poems the short poetry of Japanese tradition. I appreciate its elegant form, its cutback of expression, and its emphasis on limits: 17 syllables total, in lines of 5, 7, and 5. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This anthology of 101 Haiku poems is being named as "Seashells" for the reason that, symbolically, the Haiku's are scattered in and around the seashores of the Poet's mind. WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
These are the five Haiku poems extracted from the collection of Haiku poems titled as "Seashells" by Williamsji Maveli
Haiku poems are pieces of visual art. It will not give a a clear cut picture, instead a vague one, which may be interpreted differently by many others - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
In Japan, the art form of Haiku remains very popular nowadays, because of its simplicity, seasonal significance, easily writing styles etc. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
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