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The crown of the scalp in both female and male is different, and the pattern of baldness is diagnosed on the basis of the volume of the hair. An average woman at the age of 50 has either already gone through excessive hair loss or is either experiencing hair loss, in today’s time. T...
The problem of hair loss is quite common these days. As per the latest researches, a normal person loses around hundred hair strands each and every day. However, there’s nothing abnormal in this as the hair gets immediately replaced by a new set in the natural process. Unfortunately...
Most of us seek advice for dealing with hair loss and to color hair when it no more suits the skin complexion.A few tips for dealing with hair loss as well as coloring of hair have been discussed here.
Hair less dense and difficult to style printing thin out ... Androgenic alopecia affects more and more women. Fortunately, you can activate the regrowth and slow the fall.
This article will offer a few simple and handy tips to keep your hair healthy and give it a better overall appearance.
Men, you are having trouble keeping your hair going down the drain? Well, fear no more. This article may be what you are waiting for.
How stress can contribute to hair loss. Find out why some people experience hair loss and why stress is one of the factors that contribute to hair loss.
In the beginning you might notice some hairs coming off while combing or in the towels while bathing which is the starting point of hair loss and if you ignore these situations then it might cause some drastic results. Here, I had provided some tips to reduce hair loss.
How to care your hair. Bookmark this page as the article will help you throughout your life.
Hair Loss has been a common problem for ages and has magnified today mainly due to our bad lifestyles. Be it excess exposure to sun, pollution and wind or late sleeping habits or bad diet, hair is the first part of our body to show it. Caring for hair means nurturing it internally as ...
Many women relish the idea of having long, flowing hair that grows beyond the nape. This articles is all about how to grow long hair.
Hair adds beauty. It is an attraction of women. Bair loss has become an inevitable problem in modern lifestyle. Hair can both be fascinating and quirky with an average of 100,000 strands of hair on each person’s head.
You may have heard of laser treatments for skin conditions, but did you know they can also be used to stimulate hair re-growth in some cases of partial baldness?
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