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I love words,,, so often they light up my soul and passion shines through. I also want to dedicate this to Joe Cocker...he came forward at a great time of change when he and others like him were able to help transform the world..
This is a question that has been asked many times and has received many ridiculous answers, Well we will learn the correct answer to this question today.
Some will be better off not reading this especially if you believe what medical doctors tell least most of them who prefer money to practicing the Hippocratic Oath they took when becoming part of this profession...shame on them and on you for not checking...
How to you feel about life? Do you think of the glass as being half full or as half empty? This is supposed to say so much about us - yet often life is not as clear cut, we have to take the long way around to the destination, and we do have to make compromises.
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