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As a photographer, you’re always going to be on the lookout for costumes, props, accessories, and added extras to make your shoots look as creative and professional, or even as kooky, as they can possibly be.
First noticed in the 1930s, just after the murder of William McClain, the mysterious blue-white light, sometimes appears with an orange tone with a distinct border and it is known to move slowly through the nearby trees that run along the railroad tracks. The light appears to float an...
Halloween may be over bu,t the danger of putting Halloween contact lenses, or these new fad contact lenses, is still important. One can seriously damage the eyes by wearing these non medical lenses.
Seasonal poem for Hallowe'en. Silly and frivolous.
Halloween is fast approaching and following Halloween is all Saints Day, but this day has different meaning for different religions or cultures.
Here is a short story I wrote for a Halloween story contest I featured in my e-zine Storytime Tapestry.
Montrealers are preparing for Halloween, which is just around the corner. Unfortunately, with it comes all kinds of freaky things. This article will focus on black cats and how they are sought out and killed by some strange people with strange superstitions.
Halloween celebrates the evil while All Saints Day in November is a day to visit to our deceased loved ones in cemetery.
This will be another poem about Autumn and how much fun the season allows us to have.
I get dressed as Batman for Halloween and I scare grandpa, but I didn't mean to scare him-honest I didn't!
Jay has made it out of the house where he has been held captive and where Rick and Paul are awaiting his return. Jay makes it home and tells his parents part of the story of where he has been all night.
We are still listening to the adults partying one floor up from where the boys are still being held captive. Rick, one of the youngest boys, shows his ingenuity in attempting to get him and the other boys out of the basement. There is reason to be hopeful.
The boys are still being held captive in their cages. They haven't lost hope yet and have an idea that may help them escape.
The boys are caught and there is no way to escape. They have to adjust to their new homes.
The story takes a turn as the boys are forced to become a part of something they tried to run from.
The boys are still trying to find their way home on a Halloween that has turned out to be a true shocker to them.
The boys, Jay, Rick, and Paul, have been scared from their Halloween activities by the white, pasty man who spoke to them directly. They know they have to hide from him because they believe he means them harm. However, from their hiding spots, they discover something he never meant fo...
Our three boys, two young best friends, and the older brother now encounter the white, pasty man they have been running from. There is no escape. The man is only inches behind them and is ready to give them what they are looking for.
In Part I, we meet two unnamed boys preparing to enjoy an evening of trick-or-treating on Halloween night. While out, they pass a house that has been vacant for many years. In this section, Part 2, the boys are given names and the reader discovers one of them has a brother. Also, in t...
It is Halloween. The goblins, ghosts, and witches are ready to make an appearance. Two boys, ready to get their share of Halloween’s delights, walk alone on what appears to be a deserted street. As they pass the town’s largest mansion, which has been empty for years, they encounte...
Here we discuss the black cat another well known symbol of Halloween.
Some thoughts on witches and witchcraft both traditional and modern.
With Halloween just a few days away I thought it would be fun to share a little collection of cool Halloween cocktail recipes with you all. All these recipes are dead easy to mix and taste fantastic.
This is a Halloween poem about a little pumpkin that wants to grow big and strong. Pumpkins do have feelings as this poem will show.
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