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Molly called home and asked Milly for help. Milly arrived on the scene, and was ready to do whatever was needed to bring everyone home safe. Milly had her medical supplies, mace, light and whistle. She was ready to save the day.
The team is in trouble. Dad is stuck in a hole. Robert is lost in the building and Rusty can't find his way out of the duct work. Molly has decided to call for backup. She's been standing outside for over two hours and decided it's time to go inside. She's calling Milly to come to ...
Molly, Milly and Dad have just arrived in New York City. They are driving through traffic on their way to the apartment complex. Dad and Molly have gone over all Dad's notes and they think they know who the murderer is but, Milly's got a bad feeling about this take down.
Molly has just discovered a clue that Dad was keeping from her. She had to go in his office and snoop to find the vital clue. There's a secret passageway in the apartment building where the murder took place and it leads straight to the apartment where the body was found.
Molly is determined to save Dad. She found a way to blow the horn on Dad's car and get the policeman's attention. She was afraid he'd shut off the horn and leave. Molly did what she had to and bit the officer on the leg. He's now chasing Molly into the building. Molly wants to le...
Not all seeing is believing but when things vanish into thin air, one can't help but to think that there is more than meets the human eye.
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