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The Xbox game console emerged as one of the best new consoles when it was released. This was partly due to its top game titles that gained many fans. The top games for this new console were considered some of the best on any format, and so the console soon became the best alternate to...
This article begins itself as another story about John's life. John is a fictional character that I have written much about here on Wikinut before. In some ways, he is a bit like me, as are most characters we choose to write about. The second part of this article is an interesting...
Influential games are those that have had impact. Such games that have gained lots of fans for their innovation. Here are a few influential games dating back to the 1980s that set gold standards.
Halo is one of the greatest first-person shooter series. This article covers the history of the Halo franchise.
Microsoft Studios has a number of big game series not only for Windows, but the Xbox consoles. The software giant has a variety of studios in the United States and Europe that have produced some great game titles. These are a few of their most notable franchises.
Spiritual poetry. This poem describes an angel watching over one. Do you believe in angels? Angels are real! Spiritual poetry about an angel. A guardian angel.
Tips and tricks for the Xbox game "Halo ODST". These are a few simple tips and tricks and then the list of achievements.
Guide on tips, tricks, and other things for multilayer and campaign.
My wife, a diabetic and suffering from cancer of stage four had a precious gift- gift of life, from an angel. The angel didn't have wings, and she is from my neighborhood.
~ he is writing his way into her heart ~ speaking of hope, dreams & aspirations ~ naming a flower ~ bait-switching to her name ~ the poet’s illusion ~ the sound in his mouth ~ blood of his pen ~
This is an article about why you should not buy Black Ops, MW2, Halo Reach, or any other violent video game.
Just my knowledge and a little help from the madd gear website about scooters, enjoy :D
a gamers' opinion piece in one of the most highly anticipated games of the year.
Ever wanted to create a film? Will machinima meets you half way by providing the graphics for you!
Short review of the latest Halo game by Bungie, Halo: Reach.
Learn the secrets of the Halo reach armor abilities for you can use them to their full potential.
Take a look at what firefight has matured into since its origins.
Brand new achievements to unlock are coming your way in the next few weeks!
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