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An analysis of a character in literature constitutes an extension of a person’s verbal representation especially the inert behavior that controls speech, manner, and thought. Through the direct speech, actions, dialogue, and commentary, literature encapsulates some of the natural in...
A biography of legendary actor Laurence Olivier, whose career highlights include multiple Oscars and successfully adapting Shakespeare's plays to the big screen.
The Black Prince is one of the most famous novels written by Dame Murdoch. its a deeply philosophical novel that brings out the power of sex
Captain Jeremiah Higgins talks cryptically and at length on matters of the zodiac which an astrologer like our moderator, Steve Kinsman, is well placed to decipher and/or demystify. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Peter, my best friend died at 33 years old, and I fell apart. That reaction and bizarre behavior is in my pages.
It's about a little hamlet overlooked by meadows and beautiful flowers. It's a world of its own.
We would all love to be able to look into the future and see what is coming down for us. But if we did then we might not have time to take care of the moment of Now, the things we need to do to accomplish right Now the past has gone and the future has not really is all ...
Hamlet appeared crazy to the Queen and his false murderer. This was just a falsade to lure his killer out into the open. In order to get justice public opinion sometimes has to be pointed in the right direction.
This is a critical analysis of Lolita Files book “Child of God” and William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,”. Aa common theme of the supernatural shapes the lives of Hamlet and Lay. Both Hamlet and Lay encounter with these supernatural experien...
Description of my imaginary garden replete with flowers whose names have meaning.
We all know Shakespeare and the genius that he was. But do we realize the extent to which his literary contributions have benefited the English language. This article offers a new perspective to his inventions.
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