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Do you have an anxiety disorder or just get anxious a lot? There is a way you can try to control that, and it is by getting a pet. It could be a dog, cat, hamster or fish. They will always show love and you know you are great in their eyes and that's all that counts.
In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
The top most popular pets such as dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish, share many of our homes, but some of us prefer the most exotic type of pet, this article is for them
This is a poem about hamsters running in their wheels and what they like to do in their hamster wheels.
A young girl goes to the pet store with her father and gets a new pet.
They're more dynamic and fantastically incredible than you'd think.
Dwarf hamsters require much more care than regular sized breeds due to their size and personalities.
Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is a popular and common breed of hamster. Choosing an appropriate cage for your Syrian hamster is important. You do want happy and healthy Syrian hamsters enjoying their lives in a comfortable cage.
An overview on how to choose the perfect hamster cage
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