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There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this comment (in most cases), it’s just a passenger stating that she / he prefers having to be around pleasant service staff. It’s a different thing that people say it in a way that it sounds like the perception is restricted to just look...
This poem is very special to me. These hands express my grandmother's hands from beginning to end.
so often we see through a glass darkly...mirrored images that come and go fleet as birds in a great ending to 2014 to write as i have below...enjoy! and you who so often vicious be...know that it is recorded in Spirit and you will eat such karma soon...
It´s nothing wrong with using one´s fingers or even one´s hands to better enjoy few plates of tapas over the counter.
A good cook should teach us to cook well as well as to enjoy our food, regardless of his body mass.
We are from nature and sticking to its ways of self-renewal will stand us in good stead than trying to assert to deprive and humiliate others like we tend to do as a matter of course. We have to raise our bar in terms of coexistence and inclusiveness to take the next step forward in o...
Sensual passions can lead us wherever they go or mayhap wherever we might like to go...travelling the stars or deep into the underworld, the mind and imagination can go on incredible journeys it is always up to us to find the on and enjoy...if you will!
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has gone to sit at the right hand of God in heaven. He no longer has a body here on earth. He no longer has hands to reach out and touch people. He no longer has feet to walk the earth, spreading the Good News that today is the day of salvation. We C...
This is an article that brings to light some of the handicaps that left handers face or atleast that I as a left hander have faced.
This is a prose poem on "KISS" and its interpretations - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
As we watch the leaves change from green to russet colours ,we know that Autumn is coming soon , when they have to let go it is when our loved ones get old and frail ...we too must let them go ....
As today it celebrates International Day for left handed people here are my experience on having had to use my left hand because of an accident.
With the hot weather now here for a while its time get out and enjoy the sun. Though take care as the good weather can bring with it some nasty surprises if you go out unprepared. Here is a quick tip guide to help you enjoy the sun safley
To me the Saviour is many different things as this poem tries to express ... but He is also far more than I can say ...
Every person hands is made to bring peace in the world and buildings to life as needed. Every hand gives another hand a option to help others just by grabbing each other's hand and holding them way up high in the sky as a family as sisters and brothers. Pieces of nature falls from the...
A little hand is reaching out, waiting to be held.
As we go into the New Year - let us hold onto the wisdom and friends of the past and walk together into the future.
I believe that God made somebody for everyone, whether it be.A soul mate, A friend, A life Partner. Or a Lover. We are blessed to have these people in our life's. to comfort us, to love us and to always be there when we feel we have lost control.
Sometimes we make criticisms about other people that really show our own true colours, maybe we should look at our own faults sometimes before we jump the gun to open our mouths
This is a poem about growing old. The hands of time chase us through our whole lives, but we do your best to prolong the inevitable.
It is the responsibility of mothers to teach their children the importance of hand washing.
November PAD Challenge Day 28 (blank) story. Writing again after a two month break due to school and other things.
Extend the life of your manicure by following these tips.
Yhis poem I wrote about hands is an allegory for a love story gone bad.
Off the prompt On The Other Hand by Write/Market/Design
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